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User Interface Design

Your product's user interface is its most visible and interactive component. Our user interface design experts follow UI design best practices to ensure that your interface looks current, stands out from the crowd and – most importantly – lets users accomplish their goals effectively and efficiently. Whether you are looking to design desktop software, a medical device, a web application, a PDA or a cell phone, Macadamian can help you develop a usable and attractive graphical user interface (GUI). Unlike the usual notion, designing is a complicated process with dialogue between designers of institution strategy, usually managers and designers begin with graphic identity of the production.

What We Do

Following industry GUI design standards and guidelines, we produce:

  • Task Flows:to gain insight into the goals that should be achieved by the end user and the steps involved in reaching those goals.
  • Wireframe Diagrams:to show the structure and navigation of an interface before the specific details have been fully fleshed out.
  • User Object Modeling and Functional Analysisto map out the relationships between the objects, determine the structure of the UI and support the creation of use cases.
  • User Interface Design Conceptsto bring product specifications to life for potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders and help maintain focus within the development team throughout product development.

What You Get

Our user experience and software development teams work closely to ensure that you receive best possible user interface for your product. Our integrated team offers an efficient feedback loop that ensures optimal decisions are made regarding product design, usability, functionality and technology. In the end, you receive a graphical user interface that is user-tested, effective and visually appealing.

Contact us for more information or if you are interested in Iengaging our user interface design expert..


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