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iPad & iPhone App Development and Programming

Corporations are seizing the opportunity to use the iPad in the workplace and real key to leveraging it most effectively is creating applications that deliver value. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world helping them with their iPad app development efforts to create applications that eliminate expense, increase productivity and improve customer relations. Our experience with iPad app development for customers ranges from the boardroom to the front line. We developed an application designed to support their Board of Directors that delivers meeting content on the iPad eliminating massive printing expenses and making meeting attendance much easier for the attendees with just the slim iPad under theirs arms instead of an armload of binders. On the front line we developed an application that was intended for use by the attendees of a large telecom customer's trade show. The application provided maps of the show, points of interest company information and a host of other features that made show attendance a richer experience. Augmented Reality at work!These two examples are just a small subset of iPad applications we have developed. Contact us today to see how we can assist you with your iPad application development requirements.

Android Tablet & Smart phone Application Development

Android is an open source operating system, which is dependant on the Java programming language and GNU software. It operates and controls mobile devices like Smartphone and laptops. Google has entered the tablet PC market with launch of its 7 inch tablet PC and with 10 inch size in the offing.

Keeping this in mind, Mobile Development Experts (MDE) has set up an expert Android tablet application development team at its ODC center in India. Our Android software developers have developed many innovative mobile applications and have expertise to develop and customize Android PC applications as per your or your clients needs. We customize third party apps for your Tablet PC so that you can derive maximum benefits out of them. The Android development team at MDE takes advantage of following features of Android Tablet PC to create stunning applications that are delight to your eyes.

  • High Definition touch screen
  • Multitasking feature that allows you use two or more applications at same time
  • Flash support
  • Extensible GUI for 3D graphics
  • Dynamic Bluetooth support
  • 3G support
  • HD video encoding
  • Dynamic Bluetooth support
  • SQ Lite for enhanced data storage
  • Faster processor and accelerometer for greater user experience
  • Advanced web browser for speedier access

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