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They ask us to give the theoretical in fact it is difficult (this is my idea). A group full of friends we are very happy to find them. A group of energetic young developers and designers which professional in their field. We are very satisfy to work with them. I hope they become more successful in future.

Date: 2011


A group in the field the telephone communication. Once again we had a customer from Malaysia, a project which we found good friends there.

A simple web site to introduce the telephone calls and internet service. We develop a small program for this site which could calculate the price of talking with others countries (over seas) it can be available to the public and private. General section of this site is :News, services, info, contact, about company, a part was designed name as "FAQ" to help customers to find the answer of their common questions.

A part was considered for agencies to use companies' facilities to serve . We designed the logo of company in 3D mode to make it more and more interactive. According to the company activity we offered a interactive and new colors scheme and they like. It was welcomed and partly caused the company to change their letters header and business cards and it was a success for us

Client : RealTel

type : Website

Services :

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