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Date: 2010


Another time working with medical community, another time with the people we enjoy being with them.

This project was done for Farmad Avaran-e Sabz pharmaceutical company. This site is one our greatest works in web application. In this site, you can find anything in this field, technical papers, valid practitioners and pharmacists, virtual community of practitioners.

The time of finding the project was more than 180 days. This project was progressed step by step. It means after the first implementation of the site, website and customer satisfactory, it was decided to expand the website and change it into a complete portal. At first papers bank, then virtual community, then store and then ….

The color scheme of the website was chosen based on the organizational color scheme of the Phasco.
The project was implemented multilingual to be able to gives services to neighboring countries.

Client : Phasco

type : Website

Services :

Url : Phasco

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