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A punctual and hard-working team, We are thankful for his cooperation with us.

Date: 2009


A project with a huge amount of information and little time Stress of this work is not forgettable. This work was supposed to be prepared for the fair.

We had only 40 days overall to product, print and write, Due to time shortage, we provided some studio part of the project through outsource in the first place. Filming and editing was prepared simultaneously. Voice recording was done in the studio.

Generally, the works that were done in this project:
Filming and photographing
Editing and adding effects
Voice recording
Print and CD burning.

Province-related information (newspaper main pages, inside pages, price) all sections of newspaper, with the capability of zoom-in & zoom-out, page-turning and printing. Finally this project was prepared for the fair, but it was an expensive experience for us.

P.S.: after this project, we went on holidays for a week because of the team's fatigue.

Client : KMO

type : Interactive Media

Services :

Screan Shots
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