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We thanks from all UNiiUN team for their cooperation. In addition of introduction parts we consider news part too.

Date: 2009


Well, Mercedes Benz surely remind you to the quality and specialty, it remind my as this! How about you?

Always working with company has their own problems they always wish you the best and it cause your responsibility heavier than before.

It is our pleasure to say:

Our studio UNiiUN could obtain the satisfaction of Mercedes Benz Company and we are happy about it This project was done in short time span. According to customers requests we used all of our energy to complete the project. Also this 3D environment project produce by cooperation of design and development teams. This project was carried out during 50 working days in this project we tried to display all the products with 360 degree rotation so visitor can see all parts of the products.

Client : Stareiran

type : Interactive Media

Services :

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