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Young energetic motivated people, we enjoyed working with them, they were very fast, of course.

Date: 2012


Presentation of a new store, with a classic interfaces but specialized to attract customers.

Our group has started his job with the logo design for this company, and after the confirmation, we were allowed to start our job on the website, Company's website was a store for selling products; the proposed color scheme for this company was presented, and accepted, and it could become the organizational color for this company.

In the main page we introduced the special products in order to make it easier for visitors to get familiar with types of products of the company. Among other noteworthy sections, special representative & customer, and news sections could be mentioned.

We allocate a part for website users to contact authorities, users also could have private account on the website, and they can even work as a marketing subset for the company.

The Project was finished in 15 days; this project was commissioned by Denon Graphics.

type : Website

Services :

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