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A group which doesn't have the word "can't" in his dictionary, they provided the meaning of "can" for us, because we were too strict. They are hard working and the quality of the job is good, this group spent a lot of energy for us, although we pay according to the contract, and didn't pay for the extra time.

Date: 2010


A website in the field of gold & jewelry.

Interface design for programming group.
We put a lot of effort to attract this company. As we all know, this industry is always looking for the best for himself. So we had to present the best. This best took a lot of time. After choosing the design, we presented it interactively, in order to multiply the effect, and attract customers to the products more. The production gallery section was the most important section of all. All the products are managed dynamically. Also, sections such as "contact us" and "about us" was prepared dynamically.

Client : Negin

type : Website

Services :

Screan Shots
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