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About Uniiun Team

Uniiun is a web development and group of consultants which is committed to provide high-level services for its customers. What makes us different are our extensive consultancy experience, variety of techniques, flexibility in customer's expectations and professional needs.

Since the group was established in 2011 in the field of web design and development have succeed to lunch over 120 projects in local and international markets. UNiiUN were always creative targeting the new methods in Information Technology fields and from the first days on was walked through to this path to reach to its goals with good back end of great works.

Our goals:

  • Promotion of the culture of Information Technology usage
  • Offering state of the art Information Technology Solutions
  • Implementation of E-Commerce and E-Business Projects
  • Persuasion of Traditional Businesses to enter the Internet world.

Nowadays, Uniiun Team, with all these years of experience, successful projects and power of their professional personals as well as the benefit of newest technologies and hardware availabilities, is ready to help you to implement your projects all over the world.

In hope you append to our satisfied customers.

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